Terms of Service of the EleXA Platform
* Applicable since 16 March 2021

1. “EleXA Platform” means a system that provides electric charging services from the electric chargers of the “EleX by EGAT” station and its partners to consumer electric vehicles. and commercial entities (Users) under the product name “EleXA”, which operates the network management by the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT). Those who wish to use the service can receive information and apply for membership to use the service through the channels that EGAT is defined and ready to register via Mobile Application or rely on information from social media such as Facebook, Apple ID, Google, Line, where applicants must agree to the terms and conditions set by EGAT.

2. The User acknowledges and agrees that some services of the EleXA Platform and EleX by EGAT are developed and provided by EGAT’s partners in accordance with the terms of EGAT.

3. The user will use the Mobile Application that is downloaded via electronic channels in the mobile phone operating system. which the system consists of the following general features (1) Display/Open to search for the charger installation point. Covers EGAT’s regulated networks, EGAT-affiliated networks, and third-party networks. (2) Shows the status of EGAT’s supervised chargers, including: EGAT EV Charging Station and EleX by EGAT, as well as a network of partners that allow EGAT to display the status of its chargers (3) Navigate to each installation (4) Plan a trip (5) Provide access to reservations. timed electric charger with confirmation to access the service (6) Show the payment channels for various types of service fees as EGAT has received from users in each group / category (7) Summarize the payment transaction and send it to the system issuing documents via Electronic tax with information submitted by the user for the service; (8) showing historical usage history; (9) giving reward points (Points) and experience points (EXP) to users; (10) redeeming points. accumulated to benefit EGAT’s and its partners’ services; (11) to purchase a set of monthly lump sum discount coupons to use as a discount on charging station usage; and (12) to display press releases. or various benefits through the EleXA Platform via Mobile Application.

4. The User agrees to allow EGAT to disclose and transmit the details of the existing User to other relevant systems. including the counterparties under Clause 2, such information includes, but is not limited to: Information provided through the billing system data validation and delivery of tax documents to users including other important information to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the EleXA Platform and EleX by EGAT services.

5. User acknowledges and agrees that The subscription channel under Clause 1 of EGAT is only a channel for delivering information related to the subscription and use of the services of EleXA Platform and EleX by EGAT only. The User confirms that he has studied and understood the Subscription Terms of Use of the EleXA Platform and agrees on the rates and methods of payment for any services, charges or charges as specified by EGAT. within the EleXA Platform and/or other channels The user acknowledges that EGAT has its sole discretion to change the terms and conditions as appropriate. By notifying members via Mobile Application as specified in Article 3 and in the event that EGAT changes the terms of service and the service user does not agree to comply The user can request to cancel the membership immediately by contacting EGAT, but if the user does not cancel the membership and/or access to the service It is deemed that the service user agrees to comply with the conditions that have been changed. In addition, the user has the right to request access, amendment, not allow the processing and deletion of information relating to the user which is in the possession of EGAT by contacting Line Official Account “@elexaev” or the mobile channel as specified in the Mobile Application or other channels in the future.

6. If EGAT is unable to provide the EleXA Platform or the EleX by EGAT battery charger according to the conditions agreed with the user or in the event that the User has a dispute concerning the provision of the EleXA Platform service of EGAT, or there is a dispute concerning any service charges, charges or fees for the use of the EleXA Platform service and/or the EleX by EGAT charger; Use the service, agree to conduct an investigation and/or argue directly with EGAT.

7. The user acknowledges and agrees that all personal information and information submitted by the user for the subscription and use of the EleXA Platform service are accurate and truthful, and EGAT reserves the right to Give benefits or cancel EleXA Platform membership, including claim for damages and/or suspend permission to use the service of the EleX by EGAT charger in the event that such information is found to be inaccurate.

8. If the user provides personal information of any third party to EGAT, the user represents and warrants that The User has the authority to provide such Personal Data to EGAT and such person authorizes EGAT to use the Personal Data in accordance with EGAT’s Privacy Policy. have reached EGAT’s Privacy Policy and/or have obtained their consent, if necessary, or have relied on other criteria or legal bases prior to providing that third party’s personal data to EGAT.

9. The User acknowledges and agrees that all information arising from transactions related to the EleXA Platform is the property of EGAT to the extent that it is not contrary to applicable law.

10. User agrees and entrusts EGAT to use or exchange personal data of User which is transmitted between EGAT and Partners for member management and use of the EleXA Platform service, including transactions relating to the EleXA Platform service in a manner that will be useful to service users.

11. The user agrees that the benefits offered by EGAT to each member are May be different depending on the service history of each member. Each type of promotion or EGAT’s marketing policy that is added or changed from time to time, the user agrees to agree to be bound by the terms of membership set forth at the time of submission of the first application including terms and conditions amended in the future without prior notice.

12. The user agrees to the terms of use of the EleXA Platform and the EleX by EGAT charging station which are subject to the terms and conditions. including strictly the terms of the promotion.

13. The user acknowledges and agrees that EGAT has the right to refuse the application for the service. without having to specify the reason for the refusal.

14. In the event that the service user requests to cancel the membership of the EleXA Platform, the user acknowledges and agrees that EGAT may retain the member’s personal information for at least another 6 months after the termination of the membership. For the purpose of verifying the cancellation of membership and/or to check for termination of services In order not to have an impact on such members as EGAT deems appropriate, after 6 months, EGAT will delete or make personal information of the service user unable to be further identified.

15. EGAT reserves the right to delete comments. and non-existent location data as soon as it is detected.

16. In the event that the service user has an opinion that affects others This may be an offense under the Computer Crimes Act B.E. 2560 and other laws. EGAT will urgently remove such messages or information from the EleXA Platform and assumes that EGAT is not involved in any offenses committed by the user.

17. EGAT reserves the right to change the terms of service and service points participating in the program without prior notice to users.

18. EGAT will request to use the User’s information as provided by the User to conduct transactions on the EleXA Platform, including creating and delivering documents in electronic format. “This document has been prepared and submitted to the Revenue Department by electronic means.” There will be no signature of the payee. It is deemed correct according to the Notification of the Director-General of the Revenue Department No. 15 dated October 18, 2019.

19. EGAT prohibits the User from submitting defiant, defamatory messages with the intent to cause quarrel, incite or cause disturbance or conflict between users within the EleXA Platform or with any third party.

20. EGAT asks for cooperation from service users to ask questions or express opinions. with polite words Respect the question takers and responders in the EleXA Platform with principles and logic.

21. In the event of obvious damage to the vehicle of the charging station user. As a result of using EleX by EGAT’s charging station service, EGAT, at its discretion, can indemnify actual damages as it deems appropriate.

22. Terms for Collecting, Using and Redeeming Coupons There can be differences according to the type of coupons. Users of the EleXA Platform are encouraged to find out more about the scope and conditions of each coupon in the section “Redeem rewards”.

23. EGAT reserves the right to charge the EleX by EGAT charging station usage fee retroactively based on the actual usage amount. In the event that the user has used the service of the EleX by EGAT charging station but has not yet paid the service fee. whether it occurs due to a system error or other reasons by which EGAT will follow up on the payment of service fees according to the contact channels that the user has registered via the EleXA Platform. If the user does not pay the service fee within the specified period, EGAT reserves the right to charge interest and continue to take legal action.

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