Privacy Policy of EleXA Platform
* Applicable since 16 March 2021

          This Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”) has been prepared by the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT), which is the provider of the EleXA Platform, a mobile application (Mobile Application) used in conjunction with the EleXA Platform, providing EGAT charging stations under the business name “EleX by EGAT”. This policy applies to the EGAT’s products and services provided to customers through the website/mobile applications, sales representatives, event kiosks, call centers, social media channels, online contact registration for goods and/or services and other channels through which EGAT collects your personal data related to you.

          EGAT attaches great importance to the protection of your personal information. This covers (1) individual customers who use products, products and services under the control of EGAT, both who are former customers. current customers and potential customers (2) employees, personnel, officers, representatives, shareholders, authorized persons, directors, contacts, representatives and other natural persons associated with EGAT’s corporate clients (collectively, the “EGAT”); and (3) any natural person to whom EGAT has obtained personal data (such as emergency contacts, spouses, parents, descendants, relatives, children, employers, agents, beneficiaries; or referring person) by the persons in (1) – (3) collectively referred to as “you” and the persons in clauses (1) and (2) as the “Service User” or the “Customer”.

          Under this Privacy Policy, “Personal Information” means information about an individual by which an individual can be identified. whether directly or indirectly but it does not include the information of the deceased, and “Sensitive Personal Data” means personal information that is classified by law as sensitive personal information.

          This document defines the policies and procedures regarding collection, usage and disclosure of the information of each visitor or user in this privacy policy. This document addresses the information that EGAT collects and purposes for which it is used. EGAT takes the protection of your privacy seriously and would like you to understand how and why EGAT uses your information. EGAT will use the information you disclose to EGAT through the EleXA Platform to provide EGAT products, products and services to meet the needs of you and as other appropriate further needs. Please read this “Privacy Policy” carefully. By using and/or registering, you are agreeing to EGAT’s policies. If you are unable to agree to the terms and conditions set out below, EGAT reserves the right to disallow your access to EGAT’s services.

          EGAT reserves the right to amend this “Privacy Policy” from time to time. EGAT encourages you to periodically review updates to this Privacy Policy. By making any amendments, EGAT will notify users from the website, or the EleXA Platform application or the postings expressly made available through the EleX by EGAT service area and shall be effective immediately upon EGAT’s amendments to the revised Privacy Policy on the channels as listed.

1. Storage and Purpose of Use of Information

          EGAT may directly or indirectly collect various types of your personal data from other sources or from requesting information from other EGAT-related services. The scope of the information covered include:

  • Personal information such as username, gender, age, date of birth, email address, ID card number. Passport number Taxpayer Identification Number Mobile phone information, address, zip code, social media account information (such as Line account information, Facebook account, Apple account, Google account and your available contact time), other electronic contact information. photo, sound, recording Conversation tape Records from closed-circuit television cameras, including complaints, your opinions on the product, EGAT’s products and services and social media inquiries
  • Work-related information such as type of organization, place of work, position, length of service, occupation, etc.
  • Financial information such as credit and debit card numbers Payment method (e.g. cash or credit card), PromptPay information Account number and type of bank account bank account history, deposits and withdrawals in the account, payment details and product subscription information goods and services (via application).
  • Behavioral information of using the service, such as information about the buying behavior of customers. and information obtained from using the product EGAT products and services.
  • Transaction information such as purchase history purchase amount buying behavior and/or use the products, products and services controlled by EGAT, including your preferences, preferences, interests, time of access to the services and the items you search for.
  • Information collected from your electronic device, such as IP address or Internet Protocol (IP address), web beacon, log, device ID, geographic coordinates (GPS), device model and device type Network Connection information access information Single sign-on (SSO), login information, user’s access time, the amount of time spent on the pages and screens of the EleXA Platform both on the application and on the website, cookies, login information. search history browsing data Browser type and version (Browser), time zone setting and location, plug-in browser type and version, operating system and platform, and other technologies on the device you use to access the platform.
  • Information about vehicle services such as vehicle registration numbers (including red license plate number for temporary use), vehicle identification number (VIN), mileage, fuel or battery status. and history of refueling.
  • Information related to the loyalty program and experience points, such as EleXA Points, EXP, as well as information about the use of services and purchases of products and goods through the loyalty program and other cards, and behavioral data related to the use of the loyalty program, and transactional data of EleXA point to EGAT’s partner network.
  • Marketing and Communications Information such as your preference for receiving marketing information from EleXA, EleX by EGAT and other EGAT group businesses and EGAT business partners, including forms or channels of communication that you would like to receive information about EGAT’s products and services, interactions between you and EGAT’s services, other communication channels following your interest, details of communications between you and EGAT, and marketing information such as information which you provide to EGAT as indicated in the questionnaire, survey results, opinion request form and various research activities.
  • Profile data such as account names (Account identifiers), username and password, PIN ID code for the purchase of products, goods and services on the EleXA Platform and/or EleX by EGAT.
  • Usage data, such as information about your use of the website, platform, product use goods and services and how you use or interact with EGAT’s advertisements (including the content you view, the link you clicked to view and receive other information)
  • Information related to EGAT’s customer relationship management, such as customer account opening, administration, operations, payments, dispute resolution, processing and reporting on behalf of clients. Such personal data may include your signature and records of communications between you and EGAT.
  • Other information, such as historical relationship information, including details about you with EGAT such as information you provide to EGAT as set forth in the contract, registration information, applications, surveys, research or information collected at the time you participate in EGAT business events, seminars, training or social events.

          EGAT will collect, use and/or disclose sensitive personal information only with your express consent, or only when permitted by law

          If you have provided personal information (such as first name, last name, address and contact information) of another person, such as emergency contact, spouse, wife, ascendant, descendant, relative, child, employer, agent, beneficiary. or the person referring In the case of an individual customer or employee, shareholder, director or person related to your organization. In the case of corporate customers to EGAT, you represent that you have the right and/or authority to provide such personal data and authorize EGAT to use such personal data in accordance with this Privacy Policy. You are also responsible for notifying those individuals of this Privacy Policy, and/or obtain their consent, if necessary, and/or rely on other rules or legal bases.

           EGAT does not collect personal information of minors (under the age of majority, that is, less than 20 years of age or under the age of marriage as required by law) quasi-incompetent person, incompetent person. Moreover, EGAT do not allow these persons to apply to use the product EGAT’s products and services without consent or without relying on any other legal basis, in the event that EGAT finds that these individuals have used EGAT’s services or that EGAT has inadvertently collected personal data from them. Without consent and without relying on any other legal basis, EGAT will delete such personal data as soon as EGAT becomes aware of the case and may need to stop serving these individuals. EGAT may rely on any basis or legal base other than consent including in the event that you are a parent or parents, and you are worried that your minor will provide personal information to EGAT. Please contact EGAT to solve the issue if necessary.

          EGAT can employ specific third parties and/or individuals, and EGAT may disclose personal information of its users to such individuals only for those designated on behalf of EGAT. EGAT and its partners will not infringe by disclosure or use of information for purposes other than those stated in the Privacy Policy.

           Information requested by EGAT will be retained by EGAT as set forth in this Privacy Policy, and is used for the purpose of providing customer service and for your better use while using the EGAT regulated services and for the following purposes:

  • For registration identity verification and selection of customers to use the service
  • For analyzing data based on interests or behavior of customers (Profiling) and data analysis (Data Analytics)
  • For contact, communication, coordination, service, public relations news alert product presentation service and promotion Survey your opinions and your satisfaction with EGAT’s services or activities, which will lead to improvements in the quality of products and services.
  • For handling technical problems, service and assistance to customers
  • For providing and delivering products and services based on your behavior and preferences identified or provided with the EleXA Platform or EGAT regulated services.
    For facilitating your participation in the events of EleXA, EleX by EGAT and other EGAT services, as well as to collaborate with regulated brands. or become an EGAT partner
  • To assure you that the website, EleXA Platform and other related services can work smoothly, efficiently and safely
  • To comply with legal duties and orders of government agencies as well as to be used as supporting information in legal proceedings in case of necessity
  • To protect the interests of EGAT, including the suppression of potential dangers to the life, body and health of the person.

          Failure to provide personal data to EGAT may affect you, i.e. EGAT may not perform as you requested or contractually, and EGAT may not be able to offer or provide some or all of EGAT’s products and services to you and you may not be comfortable or did not receive the performance of the contract. In some cases, your failure to provide such information may affect compliance with any laws to which EGAT or you are obligated to comply and applicable penalties may apply.

2. Security

          EGAT perceives the value of your trust in the provision of personal data, therefore EGAT designs appropriate personal data security measures. which covers management, preventive measures, technical precautions and physical protective measures in regards to access or control the access to personal data, to maintain the confidentiality, accuracy and availability of personal data including to prevent the loss, access, use, alteration, correction or disclosure of personal data without authorization or abuse.

           In addition, EGAT has put in place measures to limit access to personal data and the use of devices for storing and processing personal data. by specifying the right to access the user’s data The right to grant access to information to the designated person(s) and user responsibilities To prevent unauthorized access to personal information or smuggling a copy of personal information or theft of personal data storage or processing devices. The storage of any electronic data cannot be 100% secure. However, in the event that EGAT detects a fraud or security breach that is prohibited or illegal, EGAT will take immediate and most appropriate remedial action by using discretion to take into account the interests of customers and those affected primarily.

3. Change Policy

          This Policy is current as of the effective date stated above. EGAT may change this Policy from time to time, so please review this Policy as always.

4. Notification

          EGAT may send push notifications or alerts to your device to promote news, to notify the status of booking and charging, including notification of payment. You may deactivate the transmission of these messages at any time by changing your notification settings on your device.

5. Period of retention of personal information

           EGAT will retain your personal data for as long as reasonably necessary, at least an additional 6 months in order to use it for the purposes which EGAT has given you in accordance with this Privacy Policy. In order to comply with laws and regulations, EGAT may retain your personal data longer if necessary and/or can do so as required by law.

6. The eligibility about your personal information

           Subject to the provisions of the law and the relevant legal exemptions with more details as follows

           6.1 You may have the right to access or obtain a copy of the personal data that EGAT collects, uses or discloses about you.

           6.2 You may have the right to request correction, use or disclose your personal data collected by EGAT to make these data accurate, current, complete and not misleading.
           6.3 You may have the right to obtain personal information that EGAT holds about you in an organized and readable format electronically to transmit or transfer such personal data to another personal data controller. If the use of your rights violates the rights or freedoms of another person or EGAT, EGAT may refuse your request.
           6.4 You may have the right to object to the collection, use or disclosure of your personal data, as required by applicable law. You may also have the right to request the suspension of the use of your personal data in certain circumstances.
           6.5 You may withdraw your consent for the purposes for which you have previously given your consent to EGAT policies in certain circumstances.
           6.6 You may have the right to request that EGAT must delete or destroy your personal data that EGAT have collected, used or disclosed. in case that it is not your personal identity information, except EGAT’s retention of such personal data is for legal compliance purposes, or to establish statutory claims, for the use or defense of statutory claims.

7. Contact us

          If you wish to exercise your rights in relation to your personal data or if you have any questions about your personal data under this Privacy Policy, please contact EGAT or EGAT’s Data Protection Officer at the following address: Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand, 53 Moo 2, Charansanitwong Road, Bang Kruai Subdistrict, Bang Kruai District, Nonthaburi, Thailand 11130 or website or Email: or other channels in the future.

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