“We create digital platform for EV community, establishing the next future journey for better quality of life.”

EleXA is a digital platform established by EGAT ProVenture team, new commercialized business department of EGAT. We aim at delivering convenience for electric vehicle transportation of Thailand. We act as an Emobility Service Provider (EMSP) which proposes various EV charging services to EV drivers. We are willing to propose value by enabling access to a variety of charging points around a geographic area. To serve with increasing EV users’ demand and EV users’ requirements, we closely collaborate with passionate entrepreneurs, automotive partners as well as remarkable tech startups, allowing us to develop and launch new suitable features continuously.

EleXA helps EV users search charging station, plan their trips, reserve time for charging and deliver other personalized solutions according to their needs and lifestyle.

How we do it

“Agile and Customer Centric Development are the core of our service design.”

We bring value through our team expertise in energy sector, agile working principle and developed customer data integration to ideate and create customized solutions, having customer pain points as the center of service design for all creation.

We try to enable the access to third-party EMSPs and other businesses relating with our customer lifestyle like restaurant, cafe, tourist attraction, hotel and restaurant, car-care business, etc. to reduce the existing pain points for EV transportation and make better user experience.

We look for

According to the strength of energy utility management, we are delighted to be a partner with anyone who has the strong determination and belief in growing EV ecosystem. Our expected partners are:

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