EleX by EGAT

“We focus on strategic planning about charging station investment corresponding with every EV user’s lifestyle., establishing new corridor for future transportation for Thailand”

EleX by EGAT is a new charging station service provider managing by Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand, who has a strong mission to expand the electric vehicle (EV) community of Thailand. Having the strength in electricity sector, we are potential to operate charging points aligning with reliable procedures. On top of that, we are also resilient to adapt our revenue model with each business partner for long-term co-creation and sustainability of business (We apply adaptive business model approach which suit to each business partner for long-term co-creation and sustainability of business.).

Don’t hesitate to enlarge your business by making business collaboration with us !

How we do it

There are several business models which can be applied for investing in electric vehicle charging points. Consequently, it can be customized for our partners to develop charging places which suit to our budget and objectives. These monetization models include:

Loss Leader

“free service of EV charging points for increasing your customer attendance.”

Suit with

  • Businesses who want to make customer attraction, letting them make more profit from other services compared to electricity and maintenance fee.
  • Businesses who have intention to encourage EV community in Thailand.

Mutual Profit

“A long-term plan to provide EV infrastructure with acceptable price to your customer, creating a profitable revenue stream.”

Suit with

  • Businesses who intend to find out new long-term revenue stream.
  • Business whose clients stay in long period and don’t mind paying a small fee for a charge.
  • Businesses who can afford the expensive start-up cost for setting up AC or DC chargers.

Fully Funded

“Free of charge for charge point installation. An effectively way to bring about mutual benefit to you and your customers.”

Suit with

  • Businesses who want to increase attractiveness and convenient facilities to their place.
  • Businesses who wouldn’t like to use a large amount of money for investing EV charging points.
  • Businesses who are less concerned about pricing and operational control.

We look for

We look for passionate individuals who believe in the growth of EV charging station business and currently have the potential customers who are likely to be major adopters of electric vehicles. We have a strong advantage in energy sector to provide qualified services integrating with EleXA and BackEN platform, leading to an increase in customer satisfaction and engagement to your business. These are our expected partners who are subjected to be a business accelerator each other:

Our Great Partners

Let’s making Thailand to be

” EV Community “

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