Charger Business

“We facilitate the growth of electric vehicle businesses by supporting cost-effective charger production for Thailand”

We aspire to become the national Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of certified chargers, aiming to innovate the qualified technology for supporting increasing demand of electric vehicle infrastructure causing by larger uses of EV vehicles.

We work in collaboration exclusively with Wallbox Charger SL., a well-known and high growth start-up companies founded in Spain. We strongly believe that by strong expertise in electricity aspect could build up cost-effective chargers for long-term value of EV charging station investment.

How we do it

Because of our specialized expertise and partners’ collaboration, we are able to create more value of investing in EV business by providing entrepreneurs with:


Diversity of EV Charger Placement


Charger Installation Service


Maintenance and Technology Update


Cost-Effective Investment

We look for

EV Charger team looks to invest and partners with growth/mature stage companies having the strategic plans to explore new opportunity or increase your own business by charger investment. By doing this, we can leverage each own expertise to further grow the business together and create more unique value to their stakeholders. Examples of potential businesses are:

Our product portfolio

01 wallbox

“A smart charger integrating with cutting-edge technology and outstanding design, aiming at delivering convenience for recharging your EV cars.”

02 DC Quick Charger

“A fast charger developed with high technology and compatible tools to drive your EV business grow faster and facilitate your business by well-designed operation & maintenance assistant service.

EGAT DC Quick Chargers have been being developed continuously by Electrical Maintenance Division of EGAT which is specialize in adopting new EV charging technology. Beyond our vision to create economic competitiveness for Thailand by using our developing DC chargers, we are delighted to enhance making collaboration with others to invent innovation for this industry. Our current products can be categorized by 2 major purposes:

Let’s making Thailand to be

” EV Community “

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