What is EleXA ?

EleXA, an electric vehicle business established by EGAT ProVenture team, is a new commercialized business department of EGAT. EleXA and EGAT ProVenture Team were founded simultaneously in July 2020 with our ultimate vision to accelerate the growth of EV business ecosystem through continuous technology development, business innovation co-creation and investment beyond our core competency in electricity generation via 4 major arms: EleXA, EleX by EGAT, BackEN and Wallbox. With young and entrepreneurial mind alike, our service designs focus on customer-centric and agile development to make business partnerships with various companies to achieve our top goal to make Thailand’s transition to the age of sustainable energy and zero-emission journey.

Vision & Mission


Create EV connectivity for future transportation.


Accelerate Thailand’s transition to zero-emission journey.

Core Value


Build EV infrastructure for supporting public transportation, fleet operation and country’s economy with green energy.


Connect to other service providers for uplifting quality of future journey.


Work with our agile and tech-savvy talents providing the accelerate your business growth.


Collaborate with partners to effectively and rapidly expand EV charging station corresponding with users’ lifestyle to all areas of Thailand.

Our Service

EGAT has developed EV Business under various brands of products and services to serve fast-changing customer needs and prepare for increasing growth of electric vehicle market. The 4 major products are listed as below:

Tab Title


EleXA creates digital platform for EV community, establishing the next future journey for better quality of life. We aim at delivering convenience for electric vehicle transportation of Thailand. We act as an Emobility Service Provider (EMSP) which proposes various EV charging services to EV drivers. We apply agile and customer-centric development as the core of our service designs. We look for making business collaboration with expected partners such as tech startup companies, business owners concerning our EV customers’ lifestyle and EV vehicle manufacturers to create better Thailand’s transportation system.

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EleX by EGAT

EleX by EGAT invests and partners with companies whose customers can be potential EV users. Apart from several customized business models, we also have a strong advantage in energy sector to provide qualified services integrating with EleXA and BackEN platform, leading to an increase in customer satisfaction and engagement to your business.

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BackEN supports and connects separate individual service EMobility Service Providers (EMSPs) together, allowing them the access to follow up the performance of their own infrastructure and connect with third-party charge points through a backend network. Our investment focus is primarily in the aspects of diagnostics, maintenance, price setting and POI data analytics. We look for making partnership with individual investors, tech-acumen companies and EMSPs, aiming at EV charging network expansion for all Thai people.

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Charger Business

EGAT Charger Business facilitates the growth of electric vehicle businesses by supporting cost-effective charger production for Thailand. We invest and partner with growth/mature stage companies having the strategic plans to explore new opportunity or increase your own business by charger investment. We work in collaboration exclusively with Wallbox Charger SL., a well-known EV charger manufacturers, to innovate the qualified technology and develop various types of efficient chargers for domestic uses. There are 2 majors chargers that we take a focus on: Wallbox home chargers and EGAT DC Chargers.

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Our Great Partners

Meet our innovators

Boonyanit Wongrukmit

Cheif Executive Officer (CEO)

Warit Rattanachuen

Project Management Officer (PMO)

Nissara Thammapala

Assistant Project Management Officer (Asst. PMO)

Pichit Phongprasert

Head of EV Commercial Business

Chirapa Srisai

Business Strategy

Tiratep Pitaksanurat

Business Strategy

Pariya Homhual

Business Development
(Automotive Partnership)

Ginggarn Jongsanguan

Business Development
(EleX by EGAT Product)

Apisit Nuttaworrawarot

Business Development
(EleXA Product)

Warit Taveekarn

Digital Product Innovation
(EleXA Product)

Warangkana In-iao

Digital Product Innovation
(BackEn Product)

Buran Sangpoom

Strategy and Special
Project Management

Kanchanok Chaloeytoi

Finance and Investment

Surisa Sangdee

Product Owner (BackEN)
and Customer Support

Chanunporn Amornprasertchai

Marketing and CRM

Peeraphat Limbunpha

Engineering and Operation

Wasut Changrua

Engineering and Operation

Our Brand Story


“El” represents “Electricity” which is the company’s core competency, being continuously  transformed to invest in new S-curve businesses which can trigger sustainable energy usage for Thailand.



“eX” represents our 3 core pillars of our service:

  • Experience: ultimate experience in every customers’ moment.
  • Expert: top talented specialists in field of domestic electrical management for a half of decade, guaranteed for delivering high-quality services
  • Express: agile solutions and fast-paced customer services, supported by strong EV network connection.

In conclusion, it refers to our domain expertise in strategic planning, investing and providing about fully integrated services of electric vehicle infrastructure.


“X” in our logo communicates our service principle, focusing on collaborating all businesses from any industries together to accelerate EV ecosystem of Thailand.

In addition, “X” with circle head also stands for the symbol of people, relating to the customer-centric mindset which is used to design all our essential services to meet all stakeholders’ need.


“A” represents our key brand position to be as a key “Accelerator” of Thailand’s electric vehicle growth and to be the top-minded “Assistant”, serving the next level of transportation for EV users.

Let's making Thailand to be

" EV Community "

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